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I’m Osman Goni Nahid, Born and live in Bangladesh, Love to work with challenge, passion and new technology. I am a graduate of Software Engineering and currently working in the position of Lead Full Stack Engineer at a B2B and cloud platform service (PaaS) based company based in Singapore, named Ekkbaz. I put a lot of time in competitive programming (ACM ICPC) during my university life and participated 10+ National contest. In my 3+ years of career, although my working area was mostly on Web technologies, Mobile application, IoT, Cloud data & service Provider companies like Inovio, LocalInsights, Power GP Ltd & ThirstyCrows where I played roles Full Stack Engineer, Software Engineer, Lead Engineer, I am more focused on fundamentals of computer programming, data structure, algorithm & software engineering, which allows me to learn and getting used to with any kind of technologies quickly. I have several side projects and contribute some open source project too. The most notable one is an open source sentence based bangla programming platform potaka(); which is currently one and only programming learning platform for novices in Bangla available at potaka.io. An application I have also developed with my friends/team that help a farmer to identify disease of crops named AgroSkyLab which won the Champion in People Choice category at NASA Space Apps Challenge - 2016. My career goal is to work with distributed system, embedded software engineering and ultimately Internet of things.

What I’m looking for?

I want to travel, I want to work and travel at the same time, working 100% remotely.

I prefer to work with people that love the product we are creating, putting a lot of effort to improve what we are creating. People that really love coding.I believe I am capable to accept new challenges and meet my employer expectation who likes the Unix environment for development.

I learn fast, early adopt and continuously explore with innovation.

Flexible hours and flexible days will be a must. I want to manage my own schedule.

As you can see, this is a “perfect job”. Meaning, you can offer something that do not full fill this points. We can negotiate it.

Note: I want to continue working in NodeJS & Django. I prefer Backend, but frontend using ReactJS could be a good option and Mobile application with native or React-Native could be a fun. Also have some familiarity and interest with DevOps stuffs.

Glad to work with

  • NodeJS/Javascript
  • Python/Django
  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • WebRTC
  • Webpack
  • AWS (EC2, Unix Instance, Lambda, S3-Bucket)
  • CI & Deployment (CircleCI, Jenkins, Docker, PythonFabric)
  • Nginx
  • Database (MongoDB, Postgres, CosmosDB, Realm)


  • Bangla - Native speaker
  • English
    • Writing: I have no problems to chat and keep a written communication. In my last 3 years I have been working using JIRA and talking by chat to keep my team in sync. (coworkers mainly from Singapore, US, Qatar, Australia)
    • Speaking & Listening: When talking about technical stuffs, I have no problem, but, I feel like my vocabulary is not big as I would like it to be, so sometimes, in small talks or non-technical-talks, I find myself stuck, but not a big deal.

A bit of my history

From 2013 I started Software Engineering bachelor course at University, During University life I put a lot of time in competitive programming (ACM ICPC) during my university life and participated 10+ National programming contest. And started learning Android Mobile Application development besides study. Fortunately, I got a Job offer in middle of my University-life from a local company to join as Android Application Developer then started there…

From 2014 to 2016 I always worked in personal (and job) projects using always the same technologies (creating and setting up absolutely everything on my own).

  • Linux(Ubuntu)
  • GIT
  • Android (Java,XML)
  • C/C++/Python (Problem Solving/Contest)
  • SQLite, MySQL

Then, I left my happy Mobile-Apps-Dev-life and I started working using another stack:

  • Ubuntu server (setting it up using Vagrant)
  • GIT
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • PHP (Slim , Laravel & Raw)

This stack was super productive for me until mid 2016, moment where I got opportunity to work on NodeJS, ReactJS, Django, AWS and Firebase. So now, my stack for personal projects has this shape:

  • NodeJS/Express (Backend)
  • Python/Django (Backend)
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Microservice
  • GIT
  • Firebase Hosting for static serving
  • Firebase Functions and Firebase Database for no-sql database and backend (creating some kind of REST API in Firebase Functions)
  • React (+JSX) + Redux + Thunks + Reselect as frontend

^ This is my current Stack. REST API, frontend with React and Backend using Django and/or Express + SQL + NoSQL & Non-Relational-DB (like Postgres, Mongo). Full ECMAScript stack.

Companies where I worked?

  • Home. The best place to improve knowledge randomly. I’m always working in personal projects to improve knowledge in different technologies.
  • Power GP BD Ltd. ~1.2 years working as Android developer, doing mobile application stuffs. (It’s kind of outsource based software factory)
  • Local Insights. few month remotely worked as Lead Full Stack Engineer (NodeJS, Django, ReactJS, JavaScript). Cloud Data service provider company.
  • Inovio Inc. ~1.3 years. Huge public software company cloud platform based service provider. Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, Python/Django, ReactJS). Working at Disney projects.
  • Ekkbaz. Currently working here. Startup based on Singapore. Working as Senior Software Engineer (NodeJS, React-Native and ReactJS sometimes Python), mostly working in the Backend team. Collaborating on (Frontend) ReactJS & React-Native team.

So, as you can see, I worked at Huge public company and Startups.

Full list of tech that I have dealt with (in my whole life, in chronological order)

  • C/C++
  • Bash
  • Java (Android)
  • JavaScript(NodeJS, Express, ReactJS, Redux, React-Native, jQuery, Webpack, Thunks & Mocha + chai + PhantomJS + Karma + Jasmine + Jest, and the whole E2E/functional-test suite & ES6)
  • Python (Django, Fabric)
  • Swift (iPhone Application Dev)
  • PHP (Laravel, Slim)
  • Package Manager (npm, yarn, cocoapods, composer, pip)
  • HTML (but not CSS)
  • SQL Server (Microsoft)
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Azure (Table Storage, CosmosDB, DocumentDB)
  • SQLite
  • Mobile Database (ORMLite, Realm, Active-Android)
  • GIT
  • Scrum, Agile
  • Tools (JIRA, VSTS, Trello, Asana)
  • Reactive-Programming
  • OOP
  • REST
  • Microservice
  • AWS (EC2, Unix server, S3-Bucket, Lambda-Function)
  • Azure (VM, server, azure-function, azure-cli)
  • Vagrant
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Guinicorn
  • CI, Docker, Jenkins
  • Third-party APIs (Facebook Graph API, Google API, Linkedin, Different Payment APIs, Auth0, PubNub, Firebase, ScreenLeap, Twilio)

Some of my proud

  • Potaka(): Project to learn programming in Bengali for new comers in programming world.
  • Glips: Funny project! with Javascript
  • Socio: Project full of Node and MongoDB. Using Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook API Auto look for tweets/posts with geolocation, useful to understand where (geolocalization) is the people that is tweeting/posting about some hashtag. (Ongoing)
  • DevsWhere: Project to learn more about Express, MongoDB, React, Redux, and more.
  • NDA-Signed-Projects: Some awesome and challenging project I’ve done at Job or Freelance.

Something more?

  • I’m super sociable.
  • #beer, #music, #reading, #sharing #problem-solving, #sleeping
  • I love traveling, a lot.
  • Sometimes I take courage and write tech blog
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