Osman Goni Nahid

I’m Osman Goni Nahid, Born and live in Bangladesh, A graduate of Software Engineering, During my university life, I put a lot of time in competitive programming (ACM ICPC) and participated 10+ National contest and won few contest as well.

Significant one is, An application I have developed with my friends/team that help a farmer to identify disease of crops named AgroSkyLab which won the Champion in People Choice category at NASA Space Apps Challenge Bangladesh -2016.

I started professional work from mid of my university life in a local freelance company as Android Application Developer. Built and published 5+ Mobile application. Besides android development had to contribute with Backend Engineer and slowly slowly loving and diving into backend day by day and finally started to consider myself as backend engineer. For some need started learning frontend framework and tools like React ReactNative slowly slowly I became Full Stack what was the goal, like write, build and deploy a whole application cause I know required system administration , devops stuffs. So nowadays Though I’m leading a team and I working as Full Stack Engineer.

In my 4+ years of career, although my working area was mostly on Web technologies, Mobile application, IoT, Cloud data & service Provider companies like Inovio, LocalInsights, Power GP Ltd & ThirstyCrows where I played roles Full Stack Engineer, Software Engineer, Lead Engineer, I am more focused on fundamentals of computer programming, data structure, algorithm & software engineering, which allows me to learn and getting used to with any kind of technologies quickly.

I have several side projects and contribute some open source project too. The most notable one is an open source sentence based bangla programming platform potaka(); which is currently one and only programming learning platform for novices in Bangla available at potaka.io.

I’ve developed some other open source project those are available on my github.

I prefer to work with people that love the product we are creating, putting a lot of effort to improve what we are creating. People that really love coding.I believe I am capable to accept new challenges and meet my employer expectation who likes the Unix environment for development.

I’m super sociable. I love traveling a lot.Love to share and gather knowledge, Sometimes I take courage and write tech blog

I learn fast, early adopt and continuously explore with innovation. My career goal is to work with distributed system, embedded software engineering and ultimately Internet of things.

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