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Hi to everyone who`s found this blog by chance and scroll it for interest. My full name is Osman Goni Nahid, I am a graduate of Software Engineering from 23.834788 990.368843. Love to work with challenge and passion, eager to learn new technology. At present working in the position of Lead Software Engineer at a B2B and cloud platform service (PaaS) provider company based in Singapore, named Ekkbaz. Especially I’d like to find out a clear answer on one question: how to build failover, highly-available, secure and scalable Backend System. But also I’m trying to keep my mind open for every common technology and methods that I see.

I put a lot of time in competitive programming (ACM ICPC) during my university life and participated 10+ National contest. In my 4+ years of career, although my working area was mostly on Web technologies, Mobile application, Cloud data & service Provider companies like Inovio, LocalInsights, Power GP Ltd & ThirstyCrows where I had to play different roles like Full Stack Engineer, Software Engineer, Lead Engineer.

I am more focused on fundamentals of computer programming, data structure, algorithm & software engineering, which allows me to learn and getting used to with any kind of technologies quickly.

I have several side projects and contribute some open source project too, well I’m a BIG fan of open-source. The most notable one is an open source sentence based bangla programming platform potaka(); which is currently one and only programming learning platform for novices in Bangla available at potaka.io. An application I have also developed with my friends/team that help a farmer to identify disease of crops named AgroSkyLab which won the Champion in People Choice category at NASA Space Apps Challenge - 2016. My career goal is to work with distributed system, scalable backend system and ultimately to build something which will be used by others even if I do not exist in this planet.

What I’m looking for?

I prefer to work with people that love the product we are creating, putting a lot of effort to improve what we are creating. People that really love coding.I believe I am capable to accept new challenges and meet my employer expectation who likes the Unix environment for development. I can learn fast, early adopt and continuously explore with innovation. To me programming is not about language or framework it’s about solving problem, about making this better. That’s why I code.

Note: If you’re offering relocation/remote Engineering position specialized in NodeJS/ExpressJS/Python/Sanic/Django & React, do please reach me out.

As you can see, this is a “perfect job”. Meaning, you can offer something that do not full fill this points. We can negotiate it.

Note: I want to continue working in NodeJS/Django and yeah I’ll deploy my code to cloud. I prefer Backend, but frontend using ReactJS could be a good option. Also have some familiarity and interest with DevOps stuffs, Mobile Native/ReactNative.

Glad to work with

  • NodeJS/ExpressJS
  • Python/Django/Sanic
  • Microservice, REST
  • React
  • Redux
  • AWS (EC2, Unix Instance, Lambda, S3-Bucket)
  • CI & Deployment (Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Jenkins)
  • Nginx
  • Database (MongoDB, Postgres)


  • Bangla - Native speaker
  • English
    • Writing: I have no problems to chat and keep a written communication. In my last 4 years I have been working using JIRA and talking by chat to keep my team in sync. (coworkers mainly from Singapore, US, Qatar, Australia)
    • Speaking & Listening: When talking about technical stuffs, I have no problem, but, I feel like my vocabulary is not big as I would like it to be, so sometimes, in small talks or non-technical-talks, I find myself stuck, but not a big deal.

A bit of my history

I started Software Engineering bachelor course at University few years back, During University life I put a lot of time in competitive programming (ACM ICPC) during my university life and participated 10+ National programming contest. And started learning Web and Mobile Application development besides my study. Fortunately, I got a Job offer in middle of my University-life from a local company to join as Android Application Developer (Later started contributing Backend API) then started there…

From 2014 to 2016 I always worked in personal (and job) projects using always the same technologies (creating and setting up absolutely everything on my own).

  • Android (Java,XML)
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS (Backend)
  • C/C++/Python (Problem Solving/Contest)
  • SQLite, MongoDB,MySQL
  • Nginx
  • Linux(Ubuntu)
  • GIT

Slowly I found interest on the web especially backend then I left my happy Mobile-Apps-Dev-life and fully dived into backend and web technologies. Started messing web with below stuffs-

  • NodeJS/ExpressJS
  • Python/Django
  • REST
  • Guinicorn
  • Supervisor
  • *unix server
  • GIT
  • Nginx

I’m getting more and more interested and started more focused on those stuffs, Meanwhile had to learn more things to cope me up with web. Gradually started learning some frontend stuffs to integrate my backend codes by self and same for deploy my code’s to cloud started to getting familiar with DevOps stuffs like below:

  • React (+JSX) + Redux + Thunks + Reselect as frontend
  • AWS, EC2, S3
  • Azure
  • Redis
  • Microservice
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • CI/CD, CircleCI
  • Firebase Hosting for static serving
  • Firebase Functions and Firebase Database for no-sql database and backend (creating some kind of REST API in Firebase Functions)

^ This is my current Stack. Microservice, REST API, Backend usingNodeJS and/or Python + SQL + NoSQL & Non-Relational-DB (like Postgres, MongoDB)frontend withReactand Full ECMAScript stack.

Companies where I worked?

  • Home. The best place to improve knowledge randomly. I’m always working in personal projects to improve knowledge in different technologies.
  • Power GP BD Ltd. ~1.2 years working as Android developer, doing mobile application stuffs. (It’s kind of outsource based software factory)
  • Local Insights. few month remotely worked as Lead Full Stack Engineer (NodeJS, Django, ReactJS, JavaScript). Cloud Data service provider company.
  • Inovio Inc. ~1.3 years. Huge public software company cloud platform based service provider. Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, Python/Django, ReactJS). Working at Disney projects.
  • Ekkbaz. Currently working here. Startup based on Singapore. Working as Senior Software Engineer (NodeJS, React-Native and ReactJS sometimes Python), mostly working in the Backend team. Collaborating on (Frontend) ReactJS & React-Native team.

So, as you can see, I worked at Huge public company and Startups.

Full list of tech that I have dealt with (in my whole life, in chronological order)

  • C/C++
  • Bash
  • Java (Android)
  • JavaScript(NodeJS, Express, ReactJS, Redux, React-Native, jQuery, Webpack, Thunks & Mocha + chai + PhantomJS + Karma + Jasmine + Jest, and the whole E2E/functional-test suite & ES6)
  • Python (Django, Flask, Sanic, Fabric)
  • Package Manager (npm, yarn, cocoapods, composer, pip)
  • HTML (but not CSS)
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB, Redis, InfluxDB
  • Azure (Table Storage, CosmosDB, DocumentDB)
  • SQLite
  • Mobile Database (ORMLite, Realm, Active-Android)
  • GIT
  • Scrum, Agile
  • Tools (JIRA, VSTS, Trello, Asana, Planner)
  • Reactive-Programming
  • OOP
  • REST
  • Microservice
  • AWS (EC2, Unix server, S3-Bucket, Lambda-Function)
  • Azure (VM, server, azure-function, azure-cli)
  • Vagrant
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Guinicorn
  • CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, CircleCI,
  • Third-party APIs (Facebook Graph API, Google API, Linkedin, Different Payment APIs, Auth0, PubNub, Firebase, ScreenLeap, Twilio)

Some of my proud

  • Potaka(): Project to learn programming in Bengali for new comers in programming world.
  • Glips: Funny project! with Javascript
  • Socio: Project full of Node and MongoDB. Using Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook API Auto look for tweets/posts with geolocation, useful to understand where (geolocalization) is the people that is tweeting/posting about some hashtag. (Ongoing)
  • DevsWhere: Project to learn more about Express, MongoDB, React, Redux, and more.
  • NDA-Signed-Projects: Some awesome and challenging project I’ve done at Job or Freelance.

Something more?

  • I love music, listen a lot.
  • #red-wine #beer, #music, #reading, #sharing #problem-solving, #sleeping
  • I love traveling a lot.
  • Sometimes I take courage and write tech blog
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